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Kena Sosa

Librarian by day and writer by night, Kena Sosa adores words. She also loves playing the drums. She earned her Bachelors degree from Our Lady of the Lake University and her Masters in Bilingual Education from SMU. She lived abroad in Japan and Mexico, experiences which instilled within her a love for culture and language, as reflected in her stories. Her first children's book, Rey Antonio and Rey Feo, was born of the celebration of her colorful childhood in San Antonio. Her second book, a Children's Literary Classics Award Winner in 2018, Kindertransport -A child's Journey is a middle grade chapter book about the hopeful escape of children on the Kindertransport train just before the outbreak of WWII. Her newest book, The Unhuggables, the Enchanted Page Book Award Winner for 2019, is a fun story about love and the power of hugs. Sharing stories with her sons and other eager readers has been her favorite adventure yet! 

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